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George Washington University

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Spring 2014

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Kenya: Urbanization, Health, and Human Rights


The LAPSSET project has the potential to severely impact the artisan fishing industry in Lamu. Through the provision of a perception focused survey and a few one on one interviews with artisan fishermen and key stakeholders in the industry, this study creates a more comprehensive understanding of the relationship between the fishing industry and the LAPSSET project. The fishermen of Lamu are most concerned about the lack of communication concerning the port’s activities and the blocking of fishing areas during port construction and operation. In general, there is a great sense of fear surrounding the port and the future of the artisan fishing industry. Incorporating the voice of the fishermen into the dialogue assists in addressing the many potential concerns of the port and the future of the artisan fishing industry.


Agricultural and Resource Economics | Aquaculture and Fisheries | Business | Entrepreneurial and Small Business Operations | Growth and Development



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