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University of Colorado At Boulder / Beloit College

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Spring 2014

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Tanzania-Zanzibar: Coastal Ecology and Natural Resource Management


An integrated pest management study was conducted targeting the invasive fruit fly, Bactrocera invadens, on the island of Pemba, Zanzibar. Male annihilation technique (MAT) traps were set in geographically dispersed sites featuring mango fruit hosts. Three locally sourced essential oils,eucalyptus citriodora, clove and lemongrass were tested against the standard attractant methyl eugenol. Rainfall quantities at each site were collected and interviews with local farmers were conducted on the subject of B. invadens infestation and management. Over the course of the two week study, April 2nd to April 18th, 2014, methyl eugenol baited traps had an average catch of 2465.75 flies per trap, which was significantly different than the 331.45 and 141.7 average fruit fly catch for eucalyptus citriodora oil and clove oil respectively. Lemongrass lagged even further with behind with a negligible number of five flies captured during the entirety of the study. These results represent the effectiveness of eucalyptus citriodora and clove oil as attractants in an integrated pest management (IPM) strategy to combat the infestation by this prolific invasive pest.


Environmental Monitoring | Natural Resources and Conservation


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