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Connecticut College

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Spring 2014

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Tanzania-Zanzibar: Coastal Ecology and Natural Resource Management


Birds are useful environmental indicators and play important roles in the lives of people. A survey of coastal birds was completed around the shores of Uzi Island, Zanzibar. Intertidal flats surveyed at low tide proved to be the most diverse. Mangrove habitat surveyed at high tide was less diverse, yet a mangrove island hosted an abundance of roosting birds.

Although the coastal bird species found on Uzi are of “Least Concern” according to IUCN ratings, conservation of bird habitat, such as mangroves, is a vital step in maintaining biodiversity. Human subjects reported that fishermen and seaweed farmers do not disturb the coastal birds. A strong relationship between seabirds and fishermen of Uzi was found, which could be used as a motivation for conservation.


Environmental Indicators and Impact Assessment | Natural Resources and Conservation


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