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Pomona College

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Spring 2008

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Ecuador: Comparative Ecology and Conservation


A Canasta Solidaria is a group of people that buys its food together in bulk every week, fifteen days, or month, and then divides this food amongst them. The members of a Canasta save money by buying these products in such a large quantity and splitting these costs. However, they would also like to buy products of better quality. To accomplish this, they are trying to commercialize directly with farmers. Canastas have formed in a variety of regions throughout Ecuador, but this paper analyzes specifically the methods used by the Quito network of Canastas to accomplish direct commercialization with producers. This paper also includes a manual that was created during the independent study that consists of a summary of the experiences that different Canastas had when they were first forming in addition to advice given by the representatives of these Canastas for those who would like to start a Canasta of their own but do not know how to begin.


Agricultural and Resource Economics | Latin American Studies


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