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Ohio Wesleyan University

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Spring 2014

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Jordan: Health and Community Development


This study examines the perceptions that young women in Jordan have regarding their bodies and eating disorders, in addition to their opinion regarding media and familial pressures to fit societal norms. The study further examines eating disorders as a mental disorder and the obstacles that individuals face when seeking treatment. This study was implemented by 95 surveys distributed to women in a first aid course at Jordan University and by interviewing professionals in the nutritional, mental health, and educational field. It was found that 86% of surveyed students believed that young women in Jordan struggled with body image and 72% of students believed that young women in Jordan struggled with eating disorders. Additionally, 14% of the 94 students who answered reported that they have or currently are suffering from an eating disorder. Professionals suggested that the media, lack of education, lack of resources, and culture are the major reasons why eating disorders and low self-body image are an issue and that these need to be improved. It is suggested that there be “Love Your Body” campaigns and more information distributed about eating disorders, in addition to the use of group therapy.


Health Policy | Public Health Education and Promotion | Social Psychology and Interaction | Women's Health | Women's Studies

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