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College of Wooster

Publication Date

Spring 2014

Program Name

Nepal: Tibetan and Himalayan Peoples


Under Article 9 of the Bhutanese Constitution, all 20 districts of Bhutan have implemented the integration of both modern medicine (allopathic) with traditional medicine (sowa rigpa). They are required to provide both services to all patients, at their request, for free. This report will examine the medical structure that is in place in Bhutan. The intention is to study how Bhutan has implemented both Traditional Bhutanese Medicine with Primary Health Care series, and how this came about. This research will also examine how and why patients utilize the different health services available to them, and how they feel about the healthcare system in Bhutan. Through the use of a number of in depth interviews this research will present different opinions directly from the source of Bhutanese patients, and medical personnel. In addition, this report will examine how traditional medicine is being preserved as modern medicine continues to become more advanced. Ultimately, the hope is that this research can be useful to the country of Bhutan as they continue to improve their healthcare system.


Public Health Education and Promotion