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Bucknell University, Brown University

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Spring 2007

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Tanzania-Zanzibar: Coastal Ecology and Natural Resource Management


A study was undertaken investigating the relationship between biomass cook stove usage practices in Kiwengwa, Unguja and the incidence of acute respiratory infections (ARI) amongst individuals participating in household cooking activities. In each household, the incidence of ARI was determined via semi-structured interviews conducted with the primary cooker. Additionally, measurements and observations of: biomass cook stove efficiency, stove usage behaviors, and the physical cooking environment were obtained. Statistical analysis was then performed to assess the nature and significance of relationships between variables in the three cook stove usage categories and the stated incidence of ARI within the sample households. Data regarding the incidence of ARI in the sample population was compared to records from the local dispensary detailing the number of reported cases of ARI in the entire village over the previous year.


Environmental Public Health


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