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Tufts University

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Spring 2014

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Argentina: Social Movements and Human Rights


Argentina is greatly dependent on the production and exportation of soy as a result of the extractivist agribusiness model that currently exists. This model earns enormous rents for the country however at the expense of the environment and its citizens. The mega agribusiness Monsanto is trying to build the largest trans-genetic seed plant in all of Latin America in the small city of Malvinas Argentinas, Córdoba. The presence of this plant will have severe effects on three important levels: the micro, the macro and the political. This plant will cause high levels of contamination of the air and water, it will promote the expansion of this aggressive model and will call into question the legitimacy of the Argentine democracy as a result of the serious violations of the basic human rights of the citizens. Legally, this conflict is complicated because there is an important clash between the laws of the province and the nation. In addition, corruption places a key role as a result of immense influence of multinational corporations. Argentina has the capacity to reform this model through the creation of stricter regulations or it can convert its industry to organic soy, which is safer and more sustainable. However, before Argentina can reform anything, there needs to be a change in the mentality of the government with respect to this model. This model is extremely dangerous and sustainable and thus to avoid a complete collapse, the country to needs to regulate the practices of the mega agribusinesses y anticipate the changes taking place in the international market.


Agricultural Economics | Food Science


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