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Connecticut College, Vassar College

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Spring 2007

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Tanzania-Zanzibar: Coastal Ecology and Natural Resource Management


A survey of the cockle Anadara antiquata’s population was performed on the intertidal zone of Chumbe, a small island located off of Zanzibar, Tanzania. Cockle abundance and size were measured along transects laid parallel to shore at four sites, two sites on the west side and two on the east. The marine and intertidal environments on the western side of the island are protected under Chumbe Island Coral Park (CHICOP), a privately managed Marine Protected Area (MPA). However, small-scale artisanal fisheries including cockle collection by women still occur on the unprotected east side. This study will attempt to evaluate the effect of the no-take MPA on cockle populations and their interactions with associated biota. Results will indicate whether the MPA on the western side has had an effect on cockle abundance, size and distribution since extraction ceased in 1994. Additionally, the study will provide insight on the flora, fauna and sediment types that tend to be associated with A. antiquata in these two environments.


Animal Sciences | Aquaculture and Fisheries


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