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Luther College

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Spring 2014

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Ghana: Social Transformation and Cultural Expression


Methodology: I resided in Accra for the beginning portion of the ISP time, where I interviewed shopkeepers and laypeople about their opinion on Ghanaian fashion. I then traveled to Kumasi for five days, where I interviewed Professors of Textiles and Design at KNUST. I also interviewed recent graduates of the Textile program. When I returned to Accra for the remainder of the ISP period I talked to more designers and salespeople.

Findings: My findings were a compilation of all the interview results that I gathered throughout the ISP period. I found that Africa Print fabric played a crucial role in Ghanaians asserting their identity, and the Ghanaian-ness of their clothing. I found that the designers tried to actively use it, and all the other lay people tried to wear it often. I found that Ghanaians are very proud of their clothing as well.

Conclusion: I believe that Ghanaians are trying to reclaim the Ghanaian-ness of their fashion by using Africa Print.


Art and Design | Fashion Design


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