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Pomona College

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Fall 2014

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Cameroon: Social Pluralism and Development


The agriculture sector in Cameroon remains underdeveloped, and many farmers continue to suffer a lack of means. Given the debate concerning the efficacy of microfinance as a solution,this study aimed to examine the efficacy of a microfinance institution, La Mutuelle Communautaire de Croissance (MC2) in Batoufam, a rural agricultural village in Cameroon. In recent years, MC2s have become very popular in Cameroon; however, there is not yet a thorough study on the efficacy of the MC2 of Batoufam. Through interviewing farmers, the Chief of Batoufam, the employees of MC2 and of the NGO Appropriate Development for Africa Foundation (the organization that supports MC2s), it is evident that this MC2 does not adequately meet the specific needs of the farmers in Batoufam—for the majority of farmers, it has not yet contributed to long-term changes in their lives. Taking into consideration the desires of these farmers and the capacity of the institution to continue to function, this study recommends the following: a training program and the counsel of an agro-technician for the farmers, increased monitoring of their projects, the creation of a cooperative, and the ability to obtain larger credits and to possibly augment existing credits to avoid project failures.


Agricultural and Resource Economics | Finance | Growth and Development


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