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University of Colorado At Boulder

Publication Date

Fall 2014

Program Name

Tanzania: Wildlife Conservation and Political Ecology


In order to examine the affects that altitude and micro-spatial habitat have on the physiognomy of Syzygium Guineense; buttress sphere size, number of buttresses, relative size of the buttresses, DBH, and height were measured in three different altitudinal bands (1400 - 1500 m, 1500 - 1600 m, and 1600 - 1700 m) and three different habits portraying concave, convex, and intermediate landscapes. Micro-spatial habits showed to have weak to no effect on all measured physiognomic variables giving insignificant p-values according to ANOVA. However, correlation tests against leaf litter depth and slope showed to have some relation to the size and number of buttresses in certain vegetational zones, indicating that other micro-spatial factors likely affect these tree characteristics in complex ways depending on the vegetational community. Changes in the physiognomy of all dependent variables showed to strongly change with changes in altitude according to regression analyses. Both macro and micro-spatial heterogeneity showed to affect the physiognomy of Syzygium Guineense, however, combined, their affect is complicated, and thus more studies need to be done to better understand the extent and exactness of their influence.


Earth Sciences | Natural Resources and Conservation | Natural Resources Management and Policy