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Colorado College

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Fall 2014

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Uganda: Development Studies


In reaction to the endemic violence, which has forced many South Sudanese to flee their homes and seek refuge within Uganda’s borders, the researcher spent the practicum interning with the Uganda Red Cross Society (URCS) in Mungula refugee settlement, under academic advisor Steven Mawa. As the organization is the leading health provider in the settlement, the researcher gained insight into the provision of social services to the population, which allowed an extensive study on the ability of the South Sudanese to compensate for shortages in care and various complications associated with doing so.

The researcher sought to entertain these inquiries by employing various research methods- including: participant observation, informal and formal interviews, independent observation- with the support of maps, surveys, interview guides, checklists, and translators. The primary data was then cross-referenced with existing literature relevant to the subject, analyzed and organized to create a comprehensive project. Although many challenges were present throughout the process of both ethically gathering research, and objectively analyzing it, the investigator was able to gain insight into the topic of interest.

The research revealed the enormous challenges healthcare providers and beneficiaries face when securing the health of Mungula as a result of scarcity of resources. Although the shortages in public health are largely mitigated by way of international intervention, their effects are still experienced by the refugee and host communities. Furthermore, enormous challenges are faced by individuals attempting to compensate for limited health services. The economic, political, and cultural obstacles faced are further complicated by their status as refugees, and often exacerbate the vulnerability of the population.


Demography, Population, and Ecology | Family, Life Course, and Society | Inequality and Stratification | International Public Health | Public Health | Race and Ethnicity


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