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Emory University

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Fall 2014

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Jordan: Health and Community Development


Research on medical malpractice has increased over the past few decades. However, such studies have primarily focused on malpractice in Western countries like America. In areas like the Middle East, studies on malpractice has been lacking. Thus, this study tries to fill this gap. The purpose of this study is to understand physicians’ perspectives on the current handling of medical malpractice in Jordan. To answer this research question, the study uses both surveys and interviews to focus on three main themes: one, physicians’ understanding of the term, malpractice; two, evaluation of the current malpractice system; and three, attitudes toward a potential draft law on malpractice called the Medical and Health Accountability Law. The surveys were distributed to physicians in Amman and Irbid, while interviews were conducted with physicians in Amman only. Results suggest that physicians and patients alike need more education on the term, malpractice. In addition, results suggest that physicians tend to support the way malpractice is handled at the local, hospital level but not at the broader levels—that is, though the civil courts and the Ministry of Health (MOH). Lastly, results suggest that physicians do not support the Medical and Health Accountability Law, though they do support one particular provision of it.


Health Law and Policy | Health Policy | Medical Education | Medicine and Health | Near and Middle Eastern Studies


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