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Indiana University Bloomington

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Fall 2014

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Jordan: Modernization and Social Change


Jordan has a refugee crisis; between 620,000 and 1.3 million Syrian refugees are seeking refuge in Jordan. This report aims to answer which aspect of Jordanian security the refugees have the biggest effect on. It also aims to answer whether the refugees based in camps, like Za’atari, or those integrated into the Jordanian communities are more threatening to internal security. Because many argue that Syrian refugees have a negative effect on the economic, environmental, military, political, and social securities of Jordan, many believe that they might pose a possible threat to the country’s internal security factors. The Syrian refugees have posed a great threat to the Jordanian security. Economically, the refugees cause higher housing prices and unemployment levels; a country that is rated as the second water-poorest nation cannot handle the stress of new population members; military incursions from Syria and rebel forces hiding amongst the refugees threaten the country’s military security. Terrorism and instability threaten Jordan’s politics, while new diseases and a dismantled education system harm Jordan’s societies.


Defense and Security Studies | International Law | Law and Economics | Military, War, and Peace | Models and Methods | Near and Middle Eastern Studies | Political Science | Politics and Social Change | Public Policy | Water Law


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