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Brown University

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Fall 12-1-2014

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India: Public Health, Policy Advocacy, and Community


This research was aimed at analyzing the current state of drug resistant tuberculosis in Mumbai and how effectively different actors in the realm of public health are managing DR-TB. The methods for this project involved a variety of semi-structured interviews as well as field observation. Key findings show a very present and largely negative private sector influence, effective NGO models for disease control, a burden of DR-TB/HIV comorbidity, and a rapid increase to transmission-based spread of DR-TB. Key implications of conclusions include the necessity of increasing the private sector’s compliance with WHO standards, adaptation of community and education based NGO models for disease control, allocation of resources towards DR-TB/HIV patients, and focus on transmissionbased disease prevention.


Asian Studies | Diseases | Growth and Development | Immune System Diseases | Medical Education | Organization Development


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