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College of Wooster

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Fall 12-1-2014

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Nepal: Development and Social Change


The purpose of this research is to explore corporate Nepal’s definition of corporate social responsibility (CSR), how these definitions influence corporations’ activities and the motivation and rationale behind giving. Multiple factors are impacting the practice of CSR, such the historical influence, personality of industry sector, post-conflict recovery efforts, and trust and transparency in giving. However, corporations’ definition of CSR contradicts the type and level of activities they engage in. The rhetoric is often stronger than the action undertaken, although there is slight trend towards a more incorporated social responsible business model, particularly in the financial and tourism industries. The primary methods for this research were semi-structured interviews with personnel from fifteen corporations and four organizations engaged in the private sector as well as an examination of rhetoric used by the corporations.


Asian Studies | Business Administration, Management, and Operations | Business and Corporate Communications | Business Law, Public Responsibility, and Ethics | Corporate Finance | Tourism and Travel


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