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College of Wooster

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Fall 12-1-2014

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Nepal: Tibetan and Himalayan Peoples


By studying the younger generation’s dating culture in the Tibetan exile community of Dharamsala, I hoped to glean a deeper insight into how cultural values effected interpersonal relationships in an everyday context, and in doing so hoped to find a bit about the unique qualities of Tibetan culture. I came in with many ideas of different themes, from Buddhist values and their effect on the dating culture, to the effect of assimilation on imported Tibetan ideas about dating and relationships. What I ultimately found had very little to do with Buddhist ideas and had far larger implications about the effects of life in exile. To conduct my research, I conducted a total of 15 formal interviews, and about twice as many informal conversations with young Tibetans actively a part of or recently having exited the dating scene.


Anthropology | Asian Studies | Family, Life Course, and Society | Gender and Sexuality | Gender, Race, Sexuality, and Ethnicity in Communication | Regional Sociology | Social and Cultural Anthropology | Social Psychology and Interaction


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