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Trinity College

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Fall 12-1-2014

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Nepal: Tibetan and Himalayan Peoples


This is the extensive study of the smartphone in the developing country of Nepal, specifically the Kathmandu valley. Throughout my research I conducted various interviews with businesses, Tibetan refugees, and Nepali millennials (18yrs-33yrs) with the goal of identifying how the smartphone is used and understood. I chose the Kathmandu valley as my main area of research because the usage of smartphones in rural Nepal is extremely limited, and the valley represents the economic hub where progressive thinking flourishes. As a main objective I sought to understand how, if at all, the smartphone is used differently between Nepal and America. All millennials interviewed possessed smartphones.


Asian Studies | Communication Technology and New Media | Computer Sciences | Digital Communications and Networking | Graphics and Human Computer Interfaces | Mass Communication | OS and Networks | Social Media


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