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George Washington University

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Fall 12-4-2014

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Vietnam: Culture, Social Change, and Development


Vietnam’s Nông Thôn Mới or New Rural Development program is a relatively new target program introduced in 2010. As of yet there has been little research done on its effects on the economies in rural areas. This paper attempts to analyze the economic situation in the Bàu Môn and Hòa Phụng C hamlets with a particular emphasis placed on income and factors that affect income in terms of Vietnam’s Nông Thôn Mới or New Rural Development program. In order to assess the economic situation in the hamlets, a survey was administered to 25 participants in each hamlet and leaders from each hamlet were interviewed. The results were then compared to secondary sources. Findings were inconclusive but among there were a high correlation between training attendance and irrigation on rice productivity found among farmers in both hamlets, a desire for more loans among a high proportion of villagers and a high participation in the New Rural Development program but low awareness about the program itself.


Agribusiness | Agricultural and Resource Economics | Agricultural Economics | Agricultural Education | Agriculture | Asian Studies | Bioresource and Agricultural Engineering


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