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Emory University

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Fall 11-16-2014

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Jordan: Health and Community Development


This research project applies Asset-Based Community Development theory to Ruwwad, a community-based organization in Al-Natheef. As a marginalized community, the approach to community development must be investigated to ensure that it does not worsen the community dependency. Through the Myoub Khorma Youth Education and Empowerment Fund, Ruwwad provides scholarships for youth from the neighborhood and surrounding areas. The impact of the scholarship on youth was investigated through conducting student interviews and collected material culture published by the organization. Ruwwad exemplifies an example of asset-based community development in the Middle East and youth have shown that they feel empowered through an increased sense of agency after being involved with the organization. The organization can show that supportive role does not mean ineffective community initiatives seen by its achievements in Al-Natheef. Within the youth, the scholarship project has been able to teach technical skills and professional development, importance of adult guidance and support, value of continued learning, psychosocial support, wish to mentor others, and a passion for civic engagement. This research project reinforces the importance of placing youth in the center of community development and should urge more communities to invest in building the capabilities of their young generation. Through resource allocation and instilling a sense of agency, youth will carry that responsibility forward and create another round of leaders in their community. Ruwwad shows that youth as an asset in community building creates sustained community mobilization.


Civic and Community Engagement | Community-Based Learning | Community-Based Research | Education | Educational Assessment, Evaluation, and Research | Educational Methods | International and Area Studies | Near and Middle Eastern Studies


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