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University of Maine

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Spring 2015

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Kenya: Urbanization, Health, and Human Rights


Home-brewed alcohols are inexpensive, thus they are especially consumed by low-income individuals such as those residing in Kibera. This project investigates three alcohols brewed within this area: muratina (mugasha), busaa and chang’aa. With the help of Philip Ndemwa, a nutrition expert from the Kenya Medical Research Institute, I was able to gain insight regarding the process of these alcohols, as well as the sanitation conditions of the production sites of these home brews and how these factors affect the health of the consumer. Both qualitative and quantitative research methods were utilized in order to fully understand the health repercussions from consuming such products. Key informant interviews were conducted with producers in order to gain information about the process involved. The sanitation conditions of these breweries were l assessed using my observations and a guide created in accordance to the regulations as written in the Alcoholic Drinks Control Act of 2010 and the Kenya Health Act. In-depth interviews with experts within the chemical and alcohol field were conducted in order to provide technical information as to how the consumption of these products may affect health. The information gathered was used to determine how the original processing and sanitation conditions at the production site affect the health of consumers within Kibera.


African Studies | Community Health | Medicine and Health Sciences | Other Public Health | Public Health | Substance Abuse and Addiction


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