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Bates College

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Spring 2007

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Samoa: Pacific Islands Studies


Creative movement and music are an invaluable means of creativity and expression. These art forms captivate children and nurture their growth, letting them experiment with body and sound. For students with special needs, the implementation of programs centered around creative movement, music, and dance are extremely beneficial. This study examines the effects of implementing a program based around creative movement and music in a school for the disabled in Samoa. This project is based around the observations and analysis of these activities and looks at the effects of such activities, improvements of the students, and the reactions of teachers and specialists. The administration of this program proved to be extremely significant. Through these activities, students exercised creativity, self-expression, and bodily consciousness. They developed physical and coordination skills, became confident and innovative creators, and participated in active learning, gaining knowledge of a variety of rudimentary subjects. The implementation of this project assisted in the physical and cognitive development of these special needs students, creating an energetic environment where growth and creativity emerged.


Dance | Music | Special Education and Teaching


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