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Washington University

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Spring 2015

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Czech Republic: Arts and Social Change


This book shows the creative process and final product of my Independent Study Project, conducted in Prague as part of a semester study abroad program. The project started with interviewing four Czech graphic designers who described places in Prague that are especially meaningful to them. After collecting and transcribing their stories related to their places of inspiration, I visited the locations myself and photographed the locations with sensitivity to the details the artists had emphasized as unique to their experience of the place. While at each site, I also photographed elements of the locations that I personally found interesting and aesthetically pleasing. I then abstracted the photographs and created two new, graphic images for each location/artist-the first image inspired by the artist’s comments appear on the first spread of each section; while the second, inspired by my own observation, appears on the second spread of the section. The result is all eight developed graphic designs, juxtaposed with images that occurred at each step.

Michelle Unger, Spring 2015


Art and Design | Arts and Humanities | Community-Based Research | Family, Life Course, and Society | Other International and Area Studies | Other Languages, Societies, and Cultures | Photography | Place and Environment | Theory and Criticism | Visual Studies


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