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Oregon State University

Publication Date

Fall 2015

Program Name

Senegal: National Identity and the Arts


The guiding theme of this research was to gain an insiders perspective on animal welfare with Bandia Reserve and learn how the tourism generated by the reserve affected[US1] [LW2] the community. I sought to answer these questions by living in[US3] Mbour within close proximity to the guides to view their day-to-day activities, spending time in participant observation at the reserve, conducting interviews within Bandia and in the surrounding communities. This research is important to address the guiding motivation behind Bandia Reserve. It sheds light on how tourism affects[US4] not only La Petite Cote, but all of Senegal. It illuminates the truth of animal rights and the pervasive cultural views on animal rights. This study allows further knowledge of how and why so many high income generating businesses are dominated by Europeans and what implications that has on the community.

[US1]Affected ?



[US4]effect means to bring in (something) for example ‘how the reserve effects tourism in the area’


Animal Studies | Community-Based Research | Politics and Social Change