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Hamilton College

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Spring 2007

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Fiji: Multiculturalism and Social Change


Fiji is a country rich with traditions and culture. For many decades, the two dominant ethnic groups in Fiji- Indo-Fijians and Indigenous Fijians- have maintained their distinct cultural values and practices. As a country that is currently experiencing westernization, technological advancement, and the influx of mass media, cultural traditions, lifestyles, and ideals are changing rapidly. One such change from the traditional past is the emergence of a new body ideal and different beauty standards. In this research project, connections will be made between the past and present in regards to body and beauty ideals in Fiji. The differences and commonalities between Indo-Fijian and Indigenous Fijian beauty and body ideals will be assessed. Results from this research project will be comparatively analysed in relation to previous body image research in Fiji in order to look at the ways in which Fiji is changing and the potential future direction of body image and beauty ideals in Fiji.


Community Psychology | Gender and Sexuality | Social Psychology


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