Contemporary Challenges of Urban Planning in Amman

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Washington University in St. Louis

Publication Date

Fall 2015

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Jordan: Modernization and Social Change


Since 1955, there have been various efforts to create city plans for the future expansion and development of Amman. These plans were built upon on a foundation of British town planning theory as the remnants of British rule over Jordan, which later morphed into a Western ideology known as “international style”. These theories are incompatible with the many unique factors that characterize the urban environment in Amman. This project calls for the further study of urban planning in Amman in the context of its cultural heritage and traditional style, and challenges many of the planning principles upon which Amman has been built until today.

This is a study of factors and challenges that affect contemporary urban planning in the Greater Amman Municipality. Through the methods of interviews, observations, and material culture, this project delineates the correlations between social, political, and economic factors on urban planning, architectural style, and patterns of city expansion.


Near and Middle Eastern Studies | Urban Studies and Planning

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