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Drake University / Boston University

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Fall 2015

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Indonesia: Arts, Religion, and Social Change


This paper aims to look at a cultural movement located in North Sulawesi, the Mawale Movement, seeking to refocus and rediscover Minahasan identity. Minahasa, a region in North Sulawesi, is predominantly Christian which has created an assumption that Christian identity and Minahasan identity are inseparable, or to be a Minahasan person means to be a Christian. The Mawale Movement is critically examining the idea of a Christian Minahasan identity and this paper explores the ways in which they are trying to refocus understandings of what it means to be a Minahasan person. By tracing a history of colonialism and Christianity in this area, I will introduce the Mawale Movement and examine the history, structure, and goals and missions of the movement. I will explore the ways in which Mawale tries to critically analyze this assumed Christian identity and work this rediscovered identity into Minahasan life by looking at their events and interactions with past traditions and Christianity. Ultimately, I will explore the question of what Minahasan identity is to the Mawale Movement and its importance in their lives as Minahasan people.


Arts and Humanities | Christianity | Religion

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