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Skidmore College

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Fall 2012

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Nepal: Tibetan and Himalayan Peoples


The intent of this project is to bring to light the role of Nepalese women in adventure sports; a phenomenon that has existed in Nepal for the past few decades but has been widely unappreciated, if not unnoticed. In this study, women from various adventure companies in Nepal were interviewed to reveal the experiences and obstacles these women face in these occupations during their lifetimes. Some of them agreed to share their stories.

Their journeys have taken them on (quite literal) climbs that have proven their physical strength and made tremendous moves to achieve gender equality in Nepal. Through this occupation, women not only gain the training and knowledge associated with outdoor sports, but in addition gain experiences, education, and finances that leads to further empowerment. These opportunities open doors in their lives that would have otherwise remained closed. Hopefully, the progress these women have made can be used as a model for female empowerment worldwide.


Asian Studies | Sports Studies | Women's Studies


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