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University of North Dakota

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Fall 2015

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Samoa: Pacific Communities and Social Change


Mental illness remains a very controversial and prevalent problem for the entire world, especially the Pacific. This study examines some prevalent mental health issues and looks at how suicide, youth, alcohol, and prison correlate with mental health issues and illness in Samoa. It also looks at the Mental Health Unit (MHU) at National Hospital and programs implemented to help Samoans suffering within the four areas of mental health researched. Quantitative data from international organizations, government bureaus, and surveys, helps describe the current status of mental health issues in Samoa. One hundred twenty four surveys (124) were distributed about mental health awareness and what people deemed as the best way to treat mental illness. Interviews and observations rounded out the study. Results show most Samoans understand mental health and its importance. Analysis also suggests that Samoa is progressing in clinical terms and treatment of mental illness, as well as being proactive in mental health education. Overall, this research documents the programs that the National Hospital provides in terms of mental health treatment and education to communities. Key


Community Health | Mental and Social Health | Pacific Islands Languages and Societies


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