“Komt Een Vrouw Bij De Dokter”: Do Healthcare Systems For Women Affect Self-Perception of Sexuality in the NL & US?

Home Institution

Colgate University

Publication Date

Fall 2015

Program Name

Netherlands: International Perspectives on Sexuality and Gender


This qualitative research study explores the possible effects that the two different healthcare systems in the Netherlands and the United States may have on young women’s perception of their own sexuality and sexual practices. Through survey and interview, this study focuses on the experiences of young Dutch and U.S. women between the ages of 18 and 22 within their respective reproductive healthcare systems. It focuses on the levels of openness and honesty that patients have within each system, and examines what topics are being discussed in reproductive healthcare appointments within the two countries. Overall, it was discovered that young Dutch women feel less comfortable than their American peers when it comes to asking questions or divulging information to their physicians regarding their reproductive health and sexual practices, which may have a negative internalized effect on their self-perception of their sexuality and sexual practices.

Keywords: reproductive healthcare, U.S, Netherlands, young women, honesty, comfort


Family, Life Course, and Society | Feminist, Gender, and Sexuality Studies | Gender and Sexuality | Public Health Education and Promotion | Women's Health

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