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Oregon State University

Publication Date

Fall 2015

Program Name

Argentina: Public Health in Urban Environments


The study was developed during the month of November 2015 in the city of Buenos Aires. The investigation was accomplished through the use of interviews with a variety of professionals and surveys with pediatric residents in the Hospital de Niños Dr. Ricardo Gutiérrez. The surveys asked about how the pediatric residents diagnosed acute otitis media, what was their usual practice with acute otitis media, which medications they used, and if there were any factors that could influence their decision to prescribe antibiotics. The interviews were semi-structured and oriented to discover how those who were interviewed managed acute otitis media, if they used an guides to direct their diagnosis, what was their usual practice for acute otitis media (AOM), which medications they used, an approximation of the amount of their patients with AOM receive antibiotics, if they were any factors that influence their decision to prescribe antibiotics, and their impressions about the use of antibiotics worldwide. The statistics and facts about the treatment and diagnosis of acute otitis media worldwide and in Argentina, including the guides from other countries were obtained through online article searches.


Medicine and Health Sciences