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University of Colorado Boulder

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Spring 2016

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China: Language, Cultures, and Ethnic Minorities


In China, the differing views of sex between younger and older generations is the clearest indicator ofthe division of modern and traditional thought in societyand their resulting repercussions. The paper examineswhat specific traditional Chinese norms and values spark many social issues in China, how those traditional values are reflected in the lack of sexual education, and then analyzes how the lack of sexual education impacts those social issues.Formal interviews were conducted in Kunming with seven college students (aged 18-23) from Yunnan Finance and Economics University and other universities, while more casual conversations were held with people of other ages in an English practice corner, as well as an informant who educates middle school students on human trafficking prevention. These interviews sought to explore and distinguish traditional Chinese norms and values, current views of sex and sexually related issues, sexual education, and government policies. Social issues concerning homosexuality, the HIV epidemic, condom use and birth control, abortion, sexual abuse and rape, and human trafficking and prostitution were also examined through these interviews and extended research. In order to alleviate and prevent further severity of these social issues, Chinese youth must be educated on the consequences of risky sexual behavior and other dangerous sexually related situations, and how to prevent them.


Curriculum and Instruction | Family, Life Course, and Society | Medical Education | Medicine and Health


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