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University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

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Spring 2016

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Kenya: Urbanization, Health, and Human Rights


This paper is formative research concerning the state of mental health care for youth in Nairobi, Kenya. Using a mixed methods design, the objectives of this study were to identify the most prevalent mental health concerns among youth in Kenya, to explore the availability and acceptability of youth friendly mental health care services, and to explore the quality of and challenges to providing youth friendly mental health care services. Results indicate that substance abuse, conduct disorder, and family conflict may be among the most pressing mental health concerns for young people. Furthermore, while young people may be willing to seek mental health care services, they may not feel these services are available. Additional some of the major challenges to providing mental health care services are lack of governmental policy, lack of family support, and the financial burden of treatment.


Family, Life Course, and Society | Health Policy | Medicine and Health | Mental and Social Health


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