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Indiana University

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Spring 2016

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South Africa: Community Health and Social Policy


This study aims to begin to understand the perceptions of food access and healthful eating within the Masxha community, located in the Cato Manor Township. Food insecurity has recently been gaining attention as a problem in urban areas, however, there is still a lack of literature addressing specifically urban food insecurity.

Study data was collected through 10 interviews with participants in the Masxha community. Conversations focused on food habits, what participants consider healthy, food buying habits, food access, and potential solutions to food insecurity. Interviews intended to learn whether food insecurity is experienced among participants in Masxha, as well as how community members thought about healthy foods, with the aim that this information would help fill gaps in existing literature to approach the broader goal of finding solutions to the issue of urban food insecurity.

Very few participants seemed to be experiencing or at risk of experiencing food insecurity. More research is needed, however, to fill gaps in the literature on urban food insecurity in South Africa and potential solutions. Community gardens could present a reasonable response to urban food insecurity, however, more research is also needed to determine whether community gardens are helpful in improving both nutrition and food access.


Agricultural and Resource Economics | Food Security

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