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Wesleyan University

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Spring 2016

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Nicaragua: Youth Culture, Literacy, and Media


In the ever-shifting landscape of rural Nicaragua, how do new developments affect the ways in which children make sense of their worlds and their identities? Taking place in Martín Centeno, a cooperative community near Río Blanco in the Department of Matagalpa that was founded in the 80s for families displaced by the war, the present study borrows the theoretical framework of children’s geographies. Through observation, interviews, and visual research methods, this study paints a portrait of childhood in Martín Centeno today, as well as highlighting ways it has changed over time. The study places particular emphasis on the role of television within the community, and the concerns and hopes that citizens of Martín Centeno have about how that role might continue to develop.


Community-Based Learning | Education | Family, Life Course, and Society | Television


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