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Middlebury College

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Spring 2016

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Nepal: Tibetan and Himalayan Peoples


This “study” explores two central topics: 1.) The logistics and details of basket weaving as both a skill and a business in Dolpa and 2.) The cultural value of the woven bamboo basket, also in Dolpa. My fieldwork started in lower Dolpa, (Dunai and Bysagar), peregrinated north into the Tarap Valley, and then returned back down to Dunai. From my research I attempt to provide an insight into the way people, of all walks of life in Dolpa, think and relate to this tool (kompa), and then attempt to derive larger moral implications from what I have observed. This “study” is both pragmatic and abstract, a little irreverent and over-earnest. I hope this fusion of styles is not annoying, but rather, makes for an enjoyable, and finally, valuable read.


Anthropology | Art and Design | Cultural History | Environmental Studies | Geography | History | Leadership Studies | Nature and Society Relations | Other Arts and Humanities | Social and Cultural Anthropology | Spatial Science


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