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Wheaton College

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Spring 2016

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Vietnam: Culture, Social Change, and Development


Microfinance, a form of micro lending with no collateral, has been used as a way to finance the poor since the foundation of the Grameen Bank in Bangladesh by Muhammad Yunus in 1983. Since the Doi Moi period, the Vietnamese government has showed great interest in microfinance and has made this loan system available to both its rural and urban citizens through organizations like the Women‟s Union. Through detailed surveys and semi-structured in depth interviews of both women in the Union as well as related parties in Hue, I was able to study how microfinance is used by these women and the social effects that come along with it. My initial hypothesis based on review of literature on microfinance in both Vietnam and around the world was entirely different than the results I found. Women in the Women‟s Union in Hue and the surrounding wards use microfinance opportunities in a very casual manner and the social effects of borrowing money and participating in microfinance seem more subconscious than conscious.


Asian Studies | Business | Community-Based Research | Economics | Finance | Finance and Financial Management | Unions


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