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University of Denver

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Summer 2016

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Tanzania: Wildlife Conservation and Political Ecology


As the urban population continues to increase rapidly in Dar es Salaam it will become increasingly important to find sustainable means of urban transportation. With planned infrastructure improvements in the city to help alleviate traffic congestion, bicycles, which represent a largely underutilized form of urban transportation, have the potential to play a large role in the future of the city. Through background research, direct observations, community surveys, and interviews, both formal and informal, this study sought to understand the impact of the recent addition of bike lanes along the first phase of the Dar Bus Rapid Transit line. It was found that, while the infrastructure improvements were recognized and appreciated by those who do cycle, the addition of bike lanes along the BRT corridor has not had a significant impact on increasing the number of individuals willing to use bicycles as means of urban transportation.


African Studies | Environmental Studies | Infrastructure | Transportation | Transportation Engineering | Urban, Community and Regional Planning | Urban Studies


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