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University of Denver

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Fall 2016

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Reproductive health, birth control, family planning, refugee women - Syrian


The aims of this pilot study were to research and analyze the availability of birth control and family planning resources among Syrian refugee women at a reproductive age. This study took place in the host community of Karak, Jordan. Syrian women are a vulnerable population based solely on their gender. But being refugee women makes them more vulnerable and sometimes, their needs do not get met. This study is important because it will look into reproductive health aspects for this vulnerable population to ensure that there is satisfaction among women about their own health. This cross-sectional study sought to answer questions of accessibility to birth control, availability of support surrounding family planning, and overall satisfaction among Syrian refugee women about their current reproductive health care, specifically regarding birth control and family planning. The questions were answered by surveying a convenience sample of 13 Syrian women and by interviewing five Syrian women. The survey findings concluded that although 71% of the women surveyed found their reproductive health care provider to be extremely or somewhat trustworthy, nearly 86% of those women said their health care provider did not initiated a conversation about birth control, causing a lack of awareness. In regards to support mechanisms, only 36% of women surveyed had attended an informal support group. Many women interviewed stated that birth control was harder to access in Jordan than in Syria due to lack of affordability and health insurance. Limitations include small sample size and short time frame, which calls for further study on this topic. Although limitations were in place, this study suggests that birth control be more prevalent and discussed more in reproductive health clinics while being made more affordable.


Family Medicine | Gender and Sexuality | Health Policy | Health Psychology | Maternal and Child Health | Near and Middle Eastern Studies | Obstetrics and Gynecology | Women's Health


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