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Indiana University

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Summer 2016

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Jordan: Modernization and Social Change


The Syrian refugee crisis has taken the world by storm as it is not only a Jordanian issue or a Middle Eastern issue but rather it is a humanitarian crisis. The intent of this research is to study Syrian refugees living in Jordan whom are living outside of refugee camps and their level of self-sufficiency. A few ideas the researcher has kept in mind throughout this study are: Are refugees working in the same fields as they did in Syria? Does Jordan really invest in these workers? What is the Syrian point of view? What is the Jordanian government point of view? What are the barriers and obstacles in terms of Syrian self-sufficiency? What about legal barriers and resource barriers and availability? Through various methods, the researcher took initiative to study this topic through interviews and material culture. If Syrian refugees are living outside of camps and living within Jordan then they are struggling with self-sufficiency which may be difficult to reach due to barriers and obstacles living in Jordan. This study contributes to the modern day Syrian refugee crisis specifically in the borders of Jordan. By analyzing the results in this study on how Syrians are struggling to be self-sufficient, these issues can be taken into consideration and changes can be made to increase sufficiency for Syrians living in Jordan. This can be done through awareness, changes in the system, and reaching out to Syrians by providing more resources and educating refugees on what is available.


International Law | International Relations | Near and Middle Eastern Studies | Other Public Affairs, Public Policy and Public Administration | Social Welfare


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