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Villanova University

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Spring 2016

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Morocco: Multiculturalism and Human Rights


The aim of this independent study project is to explore the determinants of homelessness in the cities of Morocco, more specifically in Rabat,Casablanca and Salé, and how Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO’s) are working to eradicate this epidemic. Poverty, Dysfunctional Families, Mental Illness and Addiction can all be causes as well as results of homelessness; all of these factors have the potential of seriously affecting individuals throughout the entirety of their life. Children, Adults and the Elderly are all affected by poverty throughout Morocco yet street children and the rural impoverished are the populations of the homeless where most research predominately focuses. The prevalence of homeless individuals living on the streets of Moroccan cities is woefully high and NGO’s throughout the country seem to be the only organizations that are aiming at creating temporary homes for the homeless, hoping to eventually eliminate this epidemic amongst all age groups. Through interviews, observation, outside research and personal reflection, I, the learner, seek to better understand why individuals of all ages are living on the streets of affluent cities in Morocco as well as what three specific NGO’s are doing to help these individuals and hopefully eradicate this issue (Inshallah). I seek to also offer options that the average Moroccan in these communities can do to assist the homeless population and help reduce the amount of individuals living on the streets.


African Studies | Health Policy | Human Ecology | Other Public Affairs, Public Policy and Public Administration | Public Health | Social Welfare | Urban, Community and Regional Planning


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