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University of Wisconsin- Madison

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Spring 2017

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Nepal: Development and Social Change


Development in Nepal continues to be a major issue in both metropolitan and rural areas of the country. Of the many obstacles standing in the way of this objective, one of the most challenging is the mountainous geography that shapes the country’s lands, culture, and people. To overcome this obstacle, Nepal has followed many other developing countries by making rural road development a main priority in hopes of increasing connectivity, travel, trade, education, and accessibility to other benefits. One such example of this is the Kali Gandaki road in Lower Mustang.

The purpose of this research paper is to identify how the creation of the Kali Gandaki road has changed consumption habits and trade habits of villages in Lower Mustang. Although it is recognized importation of global food products has increased, it has yet to be determined if this is due to a change in local diet or demand from foreign tourism.


Asian Studies | Economics | Family, Life Course, and Society | Growth and Development | Nature and Society Relations | Organization Development | Work, Economy and Organizations


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