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Emory University

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Fall 2016

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Indonesia: Arts, Religion, and Social Change


In this paper, I will explore the ways in which locals interact with new food options on the island of Bali. Specifically, I will explore dietary behaviors surrounding pre-­‐ packaged snacks and ‘fast-­‐food’ chains and determine whether the presence of these food options is affecting the Balinese’s relationship with more traditional cuisine. I will use everyday observations and conversations with locals to analyze dietary habits and the various food items that are being consumed while examining the potential dietary differentiation between two age groups. I will also consider health outcomes in Bali and discuss how changing dietary habits may be playing a role in the increasing cases of non-­‐ communicable diseases and declining dental health on the island.


Asian Studies | Community-Based Research | Community Health | Family, Life Course, and Society | Food Science | Food Studies | Other Food Science | Public Health Education and Promotion | Sociology of Culture


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