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University of Minnesota

Publication Date

Spring 2017

Program Name

Switzerland: Banking, Finance, and Social Responsibility


Since the passing of the Paris Agreement in December of 2015, organizations in relation to sustainable finance have received fresh attention. The purpose of this study revolves around this new legislation and the financial, environmental, political and social impacts it has had on the market and on sustainable finance. It also analyzes the future potential of carbon markets and renewable energy under the environmental pressure produced by the Paris Agreement. The underlying objective is to confirm whether or not the Paris Agreement has made substantial progress in the fight against climate change. This research is a blend of field research conducted through interviews of business professionals in the Geneva area and my own personal research. After an in-depth analysis, I conclude that there has been substantial progress due to the Paris Agreement on positively impacting the environment and market. However, there is still a necessity for even more legislative pressure if we want to live in a sustainable, climate-neutral world.


Business | Environmental Law | Environmental Studies | International and Area Studies | International Business