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Siena College

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Fall 2017

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Tanzania-Zanzibar: Coastal Ecology and Natural Resource Management


Traditional medicine is an important aspect of the both the culture and health of communities worldwide. Ngezi Forest Reserve is a protected area on Pemba Island which is part of the Zanzibar Archipelago. This forest contains a wealth of botanical diversity which includes many species of medicinal plants. Traditional healers (waganga) use these medicinal plants to heal members of the community. Interviews and forest walks with these healers were supplemented by consultations with a botanist to determine medicinal value of the forest and the surrounding areas. In compiling information from 15 healers in the area, 98 species of medicinal plants were identified (most of which were outside of the forest), as well as a wide variety of uses and preparations. Priority medicinal species, which are used frequently by healers but are decreasing in abundance, include Mjafari and Msoo. Recommendations were made for the protection of these species while still accommodating their usage in traditional medicine in the area.


African Studies | Alternative and Complementary Medicine | Ecology and Evolutionary Biology | Environmental Health | Environmental Policy | Environmental Studies | Forest Management | Forest Sciences | Medical Pharmacology | Medicinal Chemistry and Pharmaceutics | Medicine and Health Sciences | Plant Sciences | Terrestrial and Aquatic Ecology | Tropical Medicine



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