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University of Illinois at Chicago

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Spring 2018

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China: Health, Environment, and Traditional Chinese Medicine


The aim of this study is to understand the changes occurring in China, leading to the development of health rehabilitation. This study will portray the shift of traditional Chinese medicine to modern influences of Western rehabilitation, and will also introduce the idea of an integrated model of TCM and Western Rehabilitation.

Observations were held at a TCM hospital, a rehabilitation hospital, as well as a TCM hospital that provided modern rehabilitation services. Two online questionnaire surveys were sent out to rehabilitation health professionals working in mainland China, one of which collected quantitative data while the other collected both qualitative and quantitative data. 10 responses were collected in the quantitative survey while 21 responses were collected through the qualitative and quantitative survey. Two formal interviews were conducted with a massage therapist and TCM rehabilitation physician. Guided assistance and conversations also helped gain a useful background for this study.

In conclusion, majority of respondents expressed that rehabilitation in mainland China is slowly developing, but is improving with the knowledge and influence from other countries and regions. In terms of cost and location, Western rehabilitation is inaccessible. However, traditional Chinese rehabilitation therapy is more affordable and available. The study presented that an integration of both TCM and modern rehabilitation is beneficial and effective.


Alternative and Complementary Medicine | Asian Studies | Medicine and Health Sciences | Other Medicine and Health Sciences | Other Rehabilitation and Therapy | Rehabilitation and Therapy | Translational Medical Research


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