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School of the Art Institute of Chicago

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Fall 2006

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Brazil: Culture, Development, and Social Justice


“For Black women ceding control over self - definitions of Black women's sexualities upholds multiple oppressions. This is because all systems of oppression converge, " Patricia Collins. The system of Slavery is essential in any conversation around various systems of oppression which black women encounter, as many idealogies that support systemic racism were constructed during slavery. Black women face the intersectionality of multiple oppressions on a daily basis, one of these oppressions being sexism. Because of these various oppressions and definitions of black female sexuality by those in power the diversity of black female sexuality and self -definition has been silenced. In addition to constructed ideologies of black "womaness" black women have been forced to encounter unequal economic and educational disadvantages. I plan to examine how these constructed ideologies and systemic racist practices against black women impact black women in the profession of sex work. How these do constructed ideologies impact sex work, and how do sex workers view these ideologies as well as how they impact the work? Due to the varying expressions of black female sexuality and experience it is vital for empowerment that black women self define their sexuality, as well as societal roles.

Many spaces of empowerment have been created and many times societal preconceptions of what it is to be black, woman, and sex worker are confronted by these spaces How these women go about interrogating societal notions of their role and existence creates a space for self definition. Specific examples of these would include the creation of the radio station, the rejection of particular Eurocentric standards of beauty, such as being thin, and the denunciation of the police in the APROSBA space.


Gender and Sexuality | Inequality and Stratification


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