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University of Southern California

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Spring 2017

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Nicaragua: Youth Culture, Literacy and Media


Public education is a complex topic that is impossible to fully comprehend due to its lack of uniformity on both a local and international level. In the United States, the quality of public education has a strong correlation to the socioeconomic status of the community it is located in. Experts in Nicaragua have extensively studied the public education system and have come to conclusions about its inability to properly prepare students for higher education, both in city and rural environments. This qualitative research study seeks to understand the current standing of the public education system for students at the secondary level by comparing what academic literature has written about it to what students, parents, teachers are saying about it. Data was collected with semi-structured interviews with a total of 16 participants. The sample consists of parents, teachers, and parents that are all associated with the same school in the 1st district of Managua.

Key Words: Education, public education, government, society, secondary level, Nicaragua, Managua


Education | Latin American Studies | Secondary Education


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