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Barnard College - Columbia University

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Spring 2018

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Switzerland: Banking, Finance, and Social Responsibility


Sustainable investing is a relatively new field in the world of finance and banking. Even though there is tremendous growth in sustainable investments over the past few years, it is still a niche market that requires more transparency, standards, and incentives. Switzerland has become one of the leading countries for sustainable finance, exhibiting a growth in sustainable investments under management. Despite the vast amount of research and development on sustainable investing, there is still much confusion and negative perception in the professional banking world about the topic. This study is designed to fill the gap between the academic rhetoric behind sustainable investing and its current state in the professional field, while also analyzing different tools and strategies of sustainable finance. The paper also explores how the industry can make the shift from traditional to sustainable investing with recommendations relating to ESG integration. The research activity indicates that even with a substantial growth in the field of sustainable finance, there is a long road ahead of the banking industry and global financial market to create environmental and social positives while also generating profit.


Finance and Financial Management | Growth and Development | International and Area Studies | International Business | Portfolio and Security Analysis


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